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T5 Transporter OEM Cruise Control Fitted. 

Spec up your T5 transporter by having an VW T5 OEM Cruise Control Fitted

We now fit cruise control to VW t5 transporters both pre facelift and the latest facelift models covered.

1) You need to have a suitible BCU fitted to your vehicle to allow the cruise control to work.

2) Once fitted we will also code your vehicle to accept the cruise control so no need to take to the dealers to activate. vehicle 

Remove steering wheel to fit new stalk New stalk with cruise control

What can we do for you???

1) Supply and fit OEM cruise control to your T5 Transporter

2) Activate this with our diagnostic machine and save you pounds in the process



Give me a ring or email to discuss your requirements

 call on 07779 299 460




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