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Vauxhall / Opel CD30, 40 & 70 Radio's Decode / Divorced / Married /
Display Safe Or Radio Safe

Have you bought a CD30, 40 or 70 radio for your Vauxhall or Opel car and need the code or it shows display safe on the display... read on to find why.

The radios fitted to Vauxhall's and Opel's vehicle's from about 2004 were paired to the display and the vehicle with a security code, ( this was know as Married/ Paired) this ment if you bought a radio from another vauxhall/Opel and plugged it in this would show the error after about 7 seconds of display safe on the display and not work. So what can you do about this??

1) You need to have the radio divorced from the vehicle this means put in delivery or transport mode like it would have been from the factory before fitting.

2) Then you need to have the radio paired/Married to the orignal display/car ( if your radio shows "radio safe" in the display) then the radio is already in delivery mode and needs to be coded to the vehicle using Tech2 or Op-Com

CD30 MP3 before it was divorced CD30 MP3 in delivery/divorced mode
cd30 display safe

What can we do for you???

1) Divorce the radio. Ready to be coded by you using Tech2 or OpCom
(From as little as POA.)

2) Find pin code from your original display (if no security code card available)
(Needed to marry/pair radio to display and car)

3) Marry the radio to the original display ready to work in the car (Need security code card or original Display)
From as POA)


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